Who is Jesus?

Who is Jesus? Jesus is the glue that holds pieces of humanity together and keeps them as one. Man can only help another man to some extent, we all have internal problems that we ourselves cannot fix. Who is the one person that can fix your problem? It’s Jesus, that’s the undoubtedly most amazing thing about Jesus he took humanities problem and turned into his problem. We are mere mortals and Jesus is a God, he could have just gone on his way and left us with our problems; but Jesus is truly astounding and loving that he took our problems and made them his own and fixed them when we couldn’t save ourselves. The one who could and had the competence to save us did just that. The main thing to understand is that Jesus is the warmth of life, he is the love and solution that we all need and in today’s society it seems that the world is trying to solve its own problems with the help of another mortal. When in all reality the world needs Jesus again, because without Jesus the world is like a scheduled routine day in day out the same things keep happening without a change. A good amount of people say that this new generation is a generation without Jesus, but I have a feeling that the new generation is a light waiting for its moment to shine and bring back the love and happiness this world needs again. Who is Jesus? He’s the answer to all of our problems.

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