What’s Your Superpower?

finding your God given talent

Have you ever felt that you’re a waste of space? Have you ever put yourself down and say “I don’t have any talent, how can I help anyone if I can’t do anything”. Well if you have it’s time for you to stop and really examine yourself emotionally and maybe physically. Everyone has a talent that God has given them, whether or not they find it is up to them. Here are three ways to help you discover your gift. Step one is to first get involved, try something new you never know what you may like until you try it. Step two is to communicate with those around you and ask what they think you’re good at for example your friends, family, pastor, or God. The third step is finding your passion, what keeps you energized what makes you want to change things around you, more than likely that’s when you discover your talent.You may think that a talent has to be something amazing like singing or acting or a writer, but being a genuinely nice person is a talent and guess what not a lot of people have that gift. Your talent stems from what makes you happy or what makes you feel motivated, your talent is what others may notice before you even notice yourself. Do not allow yourself to be your own enemy, focus on what makes you content with yourself and pursue it with passion don’t let the discouragement of others bring you down. God has placed something in you that will help you and those who surround you, that’s the funny thing God has also placed others in our lives to bring out your talent and vice versa. God wants his people to have a strong bond with each other to help one another in a time of need, he wants us to be a strong community. So the next time you feel gloomy about yourself just remember that we all have a talent we just need to find the tools to unlock it.

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