I Love My Church!

I love my church! I love the immense feeling I constantly get when I attend and the experience is fantastic. However love is not always about the experience you have, love is about relationships. Allow me to explain a little more in depth, Having a great experience is awesome but it’s not what love is, sure it’s fun and memorable but at the end of the day that’s all an experience is … just an enjoyable memory. When you love someone you love them as a person and the relationship you have with each other. Believe me humans are human and they tend to make you upset a lot of times, but you still love them because of the history the two of you share and you know you’re always gonna be there for them. So when you attend church you don’t necessarily go for the experience or entertainment, although Pastor Aaron does make it fun. You go because you want to have a working relationship with God and you want to be able to believe that your not alone in your life, that’s why you go. God wants you to have a relationship with him and to be connected with him. Pastor Aaron made a good point he stated “Did you know that God uses people to bless people”, which means that sure your relationship with God is important but don’t forget he sends others your way to bless you or teach you new lessons. Love intertwines with relationships which then intertwine with your life. So when you say “I love my church” don’t forget about your church family, build a relationship with them because who knows? Maybe they could be a blessing for your life or vice versa. Love is about the relationship whether that be old or new, embrace new people in your life because you never know what they might have to offer.

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