Fight the Right Way

Using a Mighty Weapon

Everyone deals with battles in their life, whether that be physical battles or emotional battles of the mind. Some might feel like they’re constantly losing or always lost. Some people give up because they think there is no possible way of winning, and so they stay in defeat. At Sunday’s service the church viewed a movie titled War Room, a film talking about our individual battles and how to fight them the right way and emerge victorious. How do you fight a losing battle? First you must understand that you cannot win on your own, in fact you have to surrender yourself to God in order to become victorious, and let him take control of your battle. The secret weapon in all of this is something that most people are guilty of not doing on a daily basis, and that’s prayer. Prayer is your mighty weapon against anything in your path of righteousness, repenting all the negative energy in your life and counting on God to help you in your time of need is the wisest thing you can do. Trust me, if you start making prayer part of your daily routine you can start to feel the difference in your life. Some might say “I would pray, but it’s just that I don’t know how”. The thing about prayer is that there is no right way, God just wants you to have a conversation with him; yes of course turn to him on your troubled days but also tell him about your successful days and give praise and thanks to him. Everyone deals with battles in their life, but now you know how to fight and win those battles with the power of prayer. So the next time you find yourself in a whirlwind predicament, let go and let God.

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