Breaking Down the Fences

Sunday’s sermon was a sermon that really got personal and maybe that’s exactly what people needed to hear. Pastor Aaron talked about fences…no not the fence you might have in your yard, but the fence you have around your inner self. It’s easy to surround yourself with a fortified wall and to not let anyone in or to keep yourself isolated, but did you know that’s exactly what the enemy wants. The enemy wants to isolate you from people because when you’re surrounded by great people who want to motivate you and see you accomplish your goals, that’s when the enemy becomes weak. The enemy wants you to stay in hiding and to keep pretending to be someone you’re not. You must allow yourself to be open and to let others in, of course you don’t have to let the world in but allow entrance to the people who you think have the tools to help you. When you unlock your fence you allow God, people, and even yourself to see what your mind holds and what problems you’re having. You must be true to your inner self and allow God to enter your mind, although God already knows what’s going on inside your head he still wants you to unlock that gate so that you can see it as well. You must not forget to let others take a peep in your mind because who knows, maybe they may also have the same problems as you and the two of you can build a relationship based off that. It’s okay to allow yourself to be happy and to be who you truly are, it’s draining trying to manage an image that doesn’t depict who you are inside. God created you for a reason…flaws and all, so why don’t you show off his creation and breakdown your fence. Once that fence crumbles and you allow people to see into your mind, so wreak havoc on that fence and take the world by storm as your genuine self.

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